For the past 30 years we have operated Conner Jewelers School, the only Better Business Bureau accredited jeweler’s school in Indiana. Conner Jewelers School has trained more than 1,500 jewelers from across the nation. Our students receive one-on-one training in small class sizes and learn techniques to achieve excellence in craftsmanship.

Conner Jewelers School offers an outstanding reputation for high quality jewelry making. This knowledge and experience for quality jewelry making is transferred to each and every student to help them become the best they can be in obtaining their artistic and career goals.

Why Conner Jewelers School?

  • Three Decades of Superior Training
  • Classes Taught by talented instructors with knowledge in many mediums including gold, silver, wood and foundry casting,  several are second or third generation Master Goldsmiths.
  • Personal Attention in small class sizes
  • Students use real gold for a real world experience
  • A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • Actual Jewelry Store Experience and Exposure
  • Innovative Teaching Methods and “refresher training” opportunities
  • Network with commercial jewelry artists and learn about their techniques
  • Have fun learning the technical skills of jewelry making and increase your creative abilities

The Principles of Supply and Demand in the job market

How many people do you personally know that buy fine jewelry and enjoy jewelry and precious stones as a part of their lifestyle? How many people do you know personally that provide bench repair services on fine jewelry? Big difference! If you understand the principles of “Supply and Demand” it’s easy to figure out what a successful future you can have in the jewelry business. By obtaining a Conner Jewelers School Bench Certification, your income can greatly exceed that of the average college graduate!

Why pursue  Bench Certification?

Jewelers Certification gives future jewelry professionals identifiable status within the trade and increased marketability for employment. By evaluating jewelry professionals according to nationally recognized standards, Jeweler’s Bench Certification improves your knowledge, technical skills and marketability in the jewelry industry.

The Conner Bench Technician Program at Conner’s Jeweler’s School

This program will prepare you to take the qualifying exam. Conner Jewelers School is the only school that conducts “One-On-One Training”, enabling you to complete the program in only 2-3 months, depending on your preference. We also offer a 6 month extended course that will greatly expand and refine your skills! At the completion of our training program our students are able to perform the majority of repairs that come in to a typical jewelry store! So even if you have no experience whatsoever, these training courses are a terrific way to get a great start as you begin your career in the jewelry industry.

Feed your creativity with an understanding of the jewelry design and repair

The fundamentals you will receive about jewelry materials, jewelry design and jewelry repair will develop your knowledge base for use in a variety of jewelry professions as well as increase your artistic options in the areas of jewelry design and jewelry creation.

Skills of a technician…touch of an artist

Conner Jewelers School prepares our student’s knowledge and technical abilities and in addition provides our students with artistic inspiration and guidance in the creative process of jewelry design and creation.

The Real World begins with Real Gold

Conner Jewelers School provides our students with a “real world” training experience. We believe that experience begins with our students being able to work with real gold. Over our years of experience we believe no other substance can offer an equivalent learning experience than working with real gold.

In addition to our “Triple Exposure Training Technique” our students have the opportunity to see an actual jewelry shop in action at our adjacent jewelry store. This “real world” jewelry business provides our students with a unique opportunity to learn the business aspects of operating and managing a jewelry business. This is a unique offering for Conner Jewelers School students that you will not find in the traditional “classroom education” facilities.

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Conner Jewelers is a part of a business heritage that dates back to 1848. The Conner family was one of the founding families in New Albany and the state of Indiana. The first U.S. Post Office in Indiana was in William Conner’s living room; one of the earliest banks as well as the first plywood company was founded by a Conner. For the past 50 years, the Conner name has been synonymous with superior quality jewelry. Charles Conner continued the legacy with the Conner Companies, which included the retail and repair shop, as well as a school for jewelers where students learn the fine art of repair and jewelry design to this day. Since taking over the school, Red Ink Jewelry continues this legacy with the same high standards.

Red Ink Jewelry is primarily known for our custom jewelry! In addition to creating pieces for our local customers, we have done work for many local and nationally recognized celebrities.  As always, the Red Ink Jewelry/Conner name stands for quality and a commitment to our customer’s satisfaction!

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